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Education Presentations

  • LED Lighting Presentation (PDF)
  • Transit Exchange Optimization - Modelling Cyclist and Pedestrian Movements
  • Which LED fixtures NOT to Select - Case Study of Model vs Real Results and Lessons Learned
  • How Real Time Multimodal Traveler Information Impacts Mode-Switching Behavior
  • How to Use Mobile Phone Location Data to Generate Trip Models
  • Discussion on Treatment of Trucks in Roundabout Analyses
  • Small City Traffic Signal System - Checklist of things to do for it to run optimally for the next 10 years
  • Value Engineering Case Study – GNEC Experience in Constructability and Traffic Control Measures in Work Zones Led to $750K Savings on a $ 5 Million electrical budget
  • Value Engineering – Process We Apply to see if VES Is Applicable to your Design Build Project
  • Business Case Study – LED Retrofit of 4 Rinks Hockey Complex
  • Before and After Study – LED Retrofit of Parkade and On-street parking lot complete with Adaptive Lighting Zone Controls
  • Adaptive Lighting and Dimming – Case Study of Why Measurements of Light Output vs Software Settings Required Prior System Wide Implementation
  • A Business case for FttP and FttH – City of New Westminster
  • Last Mile Fibre Design Considerations – Why and When Minimizing Capital Costs is not the best long term strategy
  • Fibre Planning for Large Campus – Best Practices for Verifying As-Built Conditions of In-Place Conduit and Fibre