Our Work

Working in rural communities and urban centres across Canada, our projects range from municipal development to large design-build ventures.


Edmonton Valley Line LRT

Roadway & Area LightingSpecialty Electrical DesignLife SafetyFire Alarm and P.A. SystemsStreet LightingPower DistributionBuilding Power DistributionUtility & Telecom Engineering

The Valley Line LRT is the biggest infrastructure expansion project in Edmonton’s history. GNEC provided Electrical Engineer of Record and field review services during construction for the Valley Line LRT East stage of the project. Engineering services included verification of design, calculations and studies for power distribution, grounding, lightning, lighting, fire alarm and electrical heat tracing systems. This project incorporated a combination of a variety of voltage up to 15kV. Responsible for review and approval of material shop drawings, inspections and test plans, and commissioning plans.

Highway 97 Widening – Kelowna

Roadway & Area LightingStreet LightingTelecomPedestrian and Cyclist FacilitiesTransit PriorityTransit PriorityEmergency Vehicle Preemption SystemsTraffic SignalsIntelligent Transportation SystemsTraffic EngineeringUtility & Telecom Engineering

The project widened Highway 97 between Hwy 33 up to Edwards road in Kelowna to reduce congestion along the busy corridor.  The project added HOV lanes and intersection upgrades at Leathhead, McCurdy, Findlay/Hollywood and Sexsmith signalized intersections.   GNEC designed the modifciations to the traffic signals and added communication conduit system infrastructure, including cyclist detection, transit signal priority, HOV lane system and emergency pre-emption. GNEC was also responsible for signal timing design.

Sutherland Phase 1 Two-Way Cycle Track, Kelowna – Electrical and Traffic Engineering

Intelligent Transportation SystemsTraffic EngineeringRoadway & Area LightingStreet LightingPedestrian and Cyclist FacilitiesTraffic SafetyTraffic Signals

Designed street lighting and traffic signal upgrades for the new two-way protected bike lanes along Sutherland Ave at the intersections with Pandosy Street, Richter Street and Ethel Street. This included special leading pedestrian/bike interval signal phasing, bike signals, new traffic controllers, and optimized signal phasing such as incorporation of advance left turn phases and split phasing.

Hwy 17 Tsawwassen Mills Project -TFN Lands

Intelligent Transportation Systems

The project entailed the development of a 1.2 million square foot shopping mall on Tsawwassen First Nations (TFN) land. The scope included 5 traffic signal upgrades and 9 new traffic signals on a new road network, which were interconnected for coordination, remote monitoring and control, and traffic management. The project included communication network and roadway lighting design, special ferry off-load vehicle detection system and signal timings, and training TFN staff for operation and maintenance.



Bundle 3 Illumination Upgrades and LED Retrofit – North Central Alberta Regions

North Central Regions
Roadway & Area LightingLED Retrofit

Retrofit of existing lighting and installation of new lighting on various highways in north central Alberta. Scope includes 22 sites including intersections, highway sections and interchanges. Responsible for preliminary and detailed design, utility coordination, and AGi lighting calculations.

Lions Gate Bridge Instrumentation Design – Vancouver

CommunicationsSense and VerifyWide Area or Municipal Area Data NetworksIntelligent Transportation Systems

Instrument the Lions Gate Bridge with displacement and tilt sensors at the north and south tower bearings, accelerometer sensors on top of both towers and finally temperature and wind sensors.   The sensor equipment was integrated into data cabinets using scientific campbell equipment, and new fibre optic cable was strung across the bridge and connected via collapsed ring to the Regional Traffic Management Centre.

Cariboo Road Pedestrian Crosswalk Upgrade – City of Burnaby

Pedestrian and Cyclist FacilitiesTraffic SafetySpecial CrosswalksRectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Management System (RRFB)Traffic SignalsIntelligent Transportation SystemsTraffic Engineering

In response to a number of pedestrian and cyclist collisions at the Cariboo crosswalk, the City of Burnaby required a new special crosswalk be installed with flashing lights and internally illuminated signs complete with down lighting. Within one week the special crosswalk was in full operation and detailed design was initiated for a full pedestrian signal that was installed shortly afterwards. GNEC and Crown Contracting received a commendation from the City for the ultra-fast turnaround.

Bundle 7 LED Retrofit

North Central and Fort McMurray Regions
Roadway & Area LightingLED Retrofit

Retrofit of existing lighting and installation of new lighting on various highways in north central Alberta. Scope includes 60 sites including roadways, intersections, interchanges and other roadside facilities. Responsible for preliminary and detailed design, utility coordination, tender package preparation, construction and post construction services.

Highway 60 and Township Road 531A Traffic Signals and Lighting

Parkland County
Intelligent Transportation SystemsTraffic EngineeringRoadway & Area LightingStreet LightingTraffic SignalsEmergency Vehicle Preemption Systems

Installation of three traffic signals and development of a traffic signal maintenance program for Parkland County. Removal of existing and installation of new traffic signals and lighting at Highway 60 and Township Road 531A; new traffic signals at Township Road 531A and Acheson Road and Township Road 531A and Hayes Crescent; and development of a maintenance program.

UBC – Public Realm Lighting

Roadway & Area LightingSpecialty Electrical DesignBuilding LightingStreet LightingPower DistributionUtility & Telecom Engineering

Design the area landscaping, roadway, pond and other water feature lighting on over $40 million in public realm upgrades at the Vancouver UBC campus. Design features included LED flood lights, in-pond LED lights, sports baseball field lighting, specialty landscape lighting ie: totem pole, in-fill lighting, laneway lighting, induction based pedestrian walkway and decorative metal-halide.